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Frequently Asked Questions2020-04-16T17:55:27-04:00
Do you have a store? Where can I see your creations displayed?2017-08-25T09:50:26-04:00

I do not have a store. The best place to see my work is at one of the many shows, festivals, or fairs in which I exhibit every year. During these shows I have many of the most popular pieces, all of which are for sale. (2015 Schedule of Events) You may also peruse my portfolio on the main page of this website.

Do you only create art pieces or do you make utilitarian things also?2015-01-16T21:56:38-05:00

While most of my pieces are considered art for display in the home or garden, I make some items that are utilitarian in nature. Here are a few examples: custom fire pits, garden gates, flower boxes, hot dog sticks, etc.

Can I visit your workshop?2015-01-16T20:56:33-05:00

My shop is a working shop, therefore visits are by scheduled appointment only.

Can I commission you to create a piece that I personally design?2015-01-24T14:25:34-05:00

Yes. If it is within my skill set I will do it. If I do not think I can do it I will tell you up front.

Can I commission several pieces of the same unique design for my company? Will you agree not to reproduce it for anyone else?2015-01-16T20:03:13-05:00

Yes, of course. Clients have approached me in the past with this request. I have honored my word not to reproduce the unique design I made them for anyone else.

If you order something with your design, at your request I will never recreate it for someone else. Guaranteed!

How long does it take to make a custom piece?2015-01-16T20:45:13-05:00

Each project is unique. The time can vary from a few days for something small and easy, to a few months for a larger or complicated project.

Do you require a deposit on custom pieces?2015-01-16T20:43:24-05:00

Yes, a deposit is required on all custom pieces.