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Frequently Asked Questions2020-04-16T17:55:27-04:00
What are your delivery policies?2017-08-25T09:50:26-04:00

We will work out the shipping arrangements with each client depending on the size of the item, where it is going, etc. We can hand deliver larger items locally (East Tennessee), and either ship with the postal service, UPS or FedEx to other locations.

Do you only create art pieces or do you make utilitarian things also?2015-01-16T21:56:38-05:00

While most of my pieces are considered art for display in the home or garden, I make some items that are utilitarian in nature. Here are a few examples: custom fire pits, garden gates, flower boxes, hot dog sticks, etc.

Can I visit your workshop?2015-01-16T20:56:33-05:00

My shop is a working shop, therefore visits are by scheduled appointment only.

Do you guarantee satisfaction with my order?2015-01-16T20:53:57-05:00

Yes, the project is not complete until we are both happy with the results.

What types of payment do you accept? Credit cards, personal checks?2015-01-16T23:53:34-05:00

I accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Cash and checks are preferred. When using a credit card, amounts more than $300.00 will be charged a 2.75% fee.