Brad Greenwood, Brad Greenwood Designs


Brad Greenwood is a full-time coppersmith and blacksmith in Anderson County, Tennessee. He belongs to two professional guilds: the Clinch River Blacksmith Guild (CRBG) and the Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths (AACB).

Brad hand crafts custom pieces in his own forge, utilizing the same techniques perfected over centuries by masters of the trade. When he remembers, his touch-mark is hammered into size-appropriate pieces indicating that it is a Brad Greenwood original.

Since the age of 12 Brad wanted to be a blacksmith. However, he thought it was not possible, since in his mind blacksmiths were only at Dollywood, Colonial Williamsburg, or places like that. Thinking that blacksmiths were an extinct trade, he didn’t pursue it.

 Brad Greenwood teaching blacksmith techniques to an eager student.

Brad Greenwood teaching blacksmith techniques to an eager student.

Thirty years or so later, Brad overheard a conversation between two co-workers in the breakroom at work. They were discussing the blacksmith guild that one of them belonged to. Brad stepped in and invited himself to one of their meetings and never looked back.

Ten years later that same guild,┬áthe Clinch River Blacksmith Guild, began meeting in Brad’s shop.

Brad learned the blacksmith trade through the teaching at the guild and in classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Although he usually works alone in his shop, he enjoys passing the training on to others, albeit on a limited basis.

Brad said, “I like working with my hands, I like working with fire, welders, torches, and other tools. I like the fact that I can make most of my tools.”

Working primarily in copper and steel mediums, he likes to experiment with different techniques and designs. Since each and every piece is handmade, each piece is unique; no two are exactly alike. Even things that he makes in quantity are just similar, not exact copies.

This website is here to give you an opportunity to explore the copper and steel works of Brad Greenwood. If you are interested in purchasing an existing item or to ask about commissioning a custom design, please call Brad directly at (865) 567-4267.